Botox in a bottle: The trends and treatments reigning supreme

As far as beauty treatments go, cosmetic procedures like injectables and face lifts are the gold standard when it comes to everything anti-ageing. However, with product formulations now more advanced than ever, it’s actually never been easier to achieve the ‘botox in a bottle’ look, sans the invasive in-chair procedures.

In fact, according to a Trends Report from Swedish beauty-tech powerhouse, FOREO, it’s a myth that plastic surgery is the only way to turn back the clock on your skin. In the 1960s, plastic surgery became mainstream, and FOREO believes we’ve been conditioned to think that painful and expensive operations are the only way to restore youthfulness to our skin.   

“2022 brings a whole new perspective on beauty, one that is all about self-care and feeling good,” the brand said. “People are now choosing pain-free beauty-tech treatments with visible long-term results over a surgical quick fix fuelled by pain and risk.”

In 2021, FOREO saw a dramatic growth in demand for its BEAR, the world’s first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System™, which makes it the safest microcurrent device available. BEAR combines electrifying microcurrent technology for tighter, brighter skin.

Image source: The Beauty Junkee

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Below, we chat to the experts to find out more about the latest trends in skincare, and how we can achieve firmer, smoother skin through everyday, accessible beauty products.

Natural, results-driven skincare

VOYA Organic Beauty co-founder, Mark Walton, said he’s seen a shift in the market toward natural and results-driven skincare products containing anti-ageing properties that are scientifically proven to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. 

“Research shows that prolonged exposure to oxidative stress from external environmental aggressors like air pollution and UV exposure leads to inherent and premature skin ageing,” he said. “That is why we encourage our customers to make choices that are kind to their skin by strengthening the skin barrier thus protecting against free radical damage.”

VOYA's hero ingredient is organic seaweed that is hand-harvest on the West coast of Ireland. Seaweed is packed with bioactive compounds not found anywhere else, including phlorotannin, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and fucoxanthin, whose antioxidant activity fights against the free radicals that damage our cells and age our skin. 

“When you experience VOYA’s Anti-ageing and Deluxe Facials you get the added benefits of these compounds in the raw form,” Walton said. “100% organic hydrated seaweed leaves are added to the face during the treatment, allowing the skin to absorb all the nutrients seaweed has to offer.” 

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At-home treatments

Savvy consumers are now treating skin concerns at home, especially with the recent pandemic that made trips to seek professional services more challenging, according to SkinMTX regional training manager, Vivian Foo, adding that they’re more engaged with brands that provide reliable, effective formulas with visible results.

“At SkinMTX, we continuously develop ground-breaking formulas using clinically proven actives such as new powerful peptides to formulate multifaceted products for anti-ageing with ingredients that improve product penetration," she said. "We are also working to achieve the ultimate glowing bright skin with products that help reduce the appearance of pigmentation in the most natural way with hyaluronic acid and other brightening active ingredients.”

FOREO agreed, saying: “Maskne and hyperpigmentation have become the usual suspects when it comes to skin problems. In efforts to manage these uncomfortable conditions, many will reach out for aggressive ingredients such as retinoids and exfoliating acids which can turn into a full on skin irritation. It’s time for skin kindness and feeding your skin - literally. One of the biggest trends in the following year is DIY cosmetics.”

According to Euromonitor, an astounding 41% of global beauty consumers use a “homemade” product monthly. Data shows that searches for DIY face masks have increased by 233%, and additionally, the search term "facial at home" was up by 115%.

BD recommends: SkinMTX® Fine Line Eraser Serum, Arbonne AgeWell Collagen Nurturing Serum with 2% Bakuchiol, mesoestetic collagen 360 intensive cream, Manicare Contour Roller Set and JOSO GLOWSO™. 

Skin barrier protection

Known as a buzzword on the beauty scene, the skin barrier is the outer layer of your skin that holds in the moisture and protects the skin from environmental toxins. Your skin barrier gets damaged when it’s stripped of its natural oils as a result of using harsh cleansers, acids and acne topicals. Once the skin barrier loses its fighting power, your skin is left sensitive and more prone to redness and irritation.

2022 is big on cosmetics containing ceramides which seal the skin and create a protective layer with the added anti-ageing benefits. However, FOREO warns that no ingredient can fully repair the damage to your skin barrier, pointing out that the best way to protect your skin is prevention.

One of the biggest culprits of damaged skin barrier is over-exfoliation and harsh cleansing, which is where FOREO’s iconic original LUNA 3 truly shines. It features soft silicone bristles to make sure you get a deep yet gentle cleanse, leaving your skin barrier intact while eliminating up to 99.5% of accumulated toxins.

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FOREO believes the beauty industry is finally catching up on what it revealed to the world in 2018, when it changed the masking game forever. Another trend rising from a shift in mindset and striving to not only look, but also feel great – cryotherapy – is a treatment that uses low temperatures to invigorate skin. 

Cold temperatures make blood vessels contract and pores tighten, giving your skin a firmer and rejuvenated appearance. If you’ve ever reached out for ice cubes or a frozen spoon to soothe your under eye area after a night out, you are well aware of the relief that the cooling brings to your skin, as well as the instant results in the mirror.

FOREO Institute product marketing manager, Anika Sekhri thinks we’re seeing a new era of beauty with some of the biggest shifts that we’ve seen over the last few years. According to her, the trends we’re seeing dominating our conversations and social feeds are a revolutionary blend of technological innovations, surprising ingredients that might be sitting in our kitchen and, most importantly, shift from standalone beauty to beauty as an integral part of wellbeing.

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