BEAUTYDIRECTORY provides media with many thousands of pages of beauty, health and lifestyle brands  and product information to assist with locating, contacting and writing about them. These industries benefits from the site membership as they gain access to vital tools such as a comprehensive Media Directory which assists them in researching and sharing insider knowledge and information.

BEAUTYDIRECTORY membership entitles brands and their PR representatives to enjoy the benefits of:

Full brand and product listings.

Access to 'industry only' information including the exclusive Media Directory – a comprehensive contact list of beauty editors and writers in Australia, plus personal profiles of national beauty editors.

Access to our PR Suppliers Directory - highlighting venues and services and providing the opportunity to pass comment.

Regular PR, media and beauty news via our exclusive members' newsletter.

Advertising on

BEAUTYDIRECTORY is the ultimate beauty research tool used by more than 1,283 beauty, health and lifestyle editors, sub-editors and writers for many magazines including: women’s, family, teen, home and men’s titles as well as metropolitan, regional and suburban newspapers (including their colour lifestyle supplements), trade and online media.

BEAUTYDIRECTORY offers the opportunity to directly target these all-important media via homepage advertising:

•   Spotlight

Researched and produced by our team this content appears with an image on the BEAUTYDIRECTORY homepage. This is the ideal forum to highlight the key features and benefits of a product, brand or range. Spotlight is live for one week.

•    Sponsored portlet (Mrec)

There are two advertisement spots on the right-hand column of the BEAUTYDIRECTORY homepage.  These advertising spots are visible during all site search functions.

•    Additional services

BEAUTYDIRECTORY offers additional services on a project basis to assist those brands that do not currently have a dedicated PR professional or PR agency.

-    Electronic media release distribution

-    Brand and product introductions to beauty editors

-    Media referrals – building awareness of beauty brands through product call outs

-    Promotion of member brands - through content trending reports throughout the year