Beauty 101: False lashes

Welcome to BD’s first instalment of Beauty 101 for the New Year, a series highlighting the brands you need on your radar when it comes to all things beauty.

This week we’re serving up everything needed to create gorgeous lashes, especially if you weren’t naturally blessed with them.

Eylure Cashmere 04

Eylure Cashmere 04 are luxuriously soft, weightless lashes that are artisan crafted from 1000+ dainty fibres. With a full, fluffy finish and kick out at the outer corner, these are the perfect lashes for any occasion, with up to 15 wears.

Ardell Magnetic Liner and Lash Kit

A new innovation in magnetic lashes, the kit allows users to apply lashes with a gel eyeliner in just two steps. Ideal for every lash lover, but especially suited for beginners and those who are allergic to lash adhesives, and latex. Securable and innovative, the multi-magnet technology works to hold Ardell’s handcrafted lashes in place in an instant and skips the adhesive entirely. 

1000 Hour Individual Collection Lashes - Medium-Long

1000 Hour Individual Collection Lashes - Medium-Long are lashes that help add length and density. Waterproof, reusable and simple to apply, they last up to three days per application. 

Shu Uemura The False Eyelash Applicator

The False Eyelash Applicator is a hand-made, stainless steel applicator used to apply false eyelashes and has a unique curved tip to hold lashes in the desired position for easy application.

Napoleon Perdis Lashes

The lash extensions from Napoleon Perdis give eyes standout faux lashes. The reusable strip lashes are easy-to-apply and made from a mix of natural and synthetic hair. Available in a wide range of styles.

Glam by Manicare Glam Pro Collection

These magnetic lashes are lightweight and discreetly placed micro magnets for optimal contact and hold power. The Charlotte lash style is ultra fine with subtle layers for an elegantly natural look. Easy to remove and transition from day to night lash styles in seconds. Reusable, with no glue required.

freezeframe® MAGNALASH Clip on Magnetic Lash Extensions

freezeframe® MAGNALASH Clip on Magnetic Lash Extensions are lash extensions that clip together in a snap, sandwiching the lashes, to hold them secure. MAGNALASH is designed with mini-magnets that allow the clipping on of lashes in just a few seconds. They are also hand-made, custom-curled strips that fit perfectly to the lash line for a seamless, natural look. 

DUO® Strip Lash Adhesive

DUO® Strip Lash Adhesive is a cult favourite lash adhesive glue that dries clear. It has a latex-based formula that was created for all-day wear with strip lashes. It can also be used to apply individual lashes, lasting several hours.

Kiss True Beginner’s Kit - Effortless

This eyelash kit helps create long, lush lashes. It includes: 1 x pair of lashes, measuring tool and lash scissors, glue, EZ-angle applicator, mirror, and America’s Lash Experts. Perfect for first-timers, it has everything needed to apply lashes without fail. Simply measure, trim, glue and apply.

Lash Me Santina Reusable Eyelashes

Lash Me Santina Reusable Eyelashes are an outward graduated fan lash style, which feature a combination of spidery long and short lashes. Reusable false eyelashes, complete with professional grade adhesive.