Benefit Cosmetics partners with Quay Australia

Beauty brand, Benefit Cosmetics, has partnered with eyewear brand, Quay Australia, in a collaboration that involves the launch of three unique sunglasses.

"We’re so excited about this partnership with Quay because, like any collab we do, it’s coming from an authentic place," Benefit’s cosmetics director of brand marketing and content, Erin Kramer, told Allure. "We love how our individual styles came together in these sunnies. Benefit is built on fun and laughter, and these shades were designed to have fun in.”

Matching the Benefit aesthetic, the three styles are designed with black and pink hues. The first style, Shook, features rounded lenses with a cat-eye shape on the frames, while the second, Shade Queen, has an angular style with a sporty, ‘80s hip-hop feel. Meanwhile, Tinted Love boasts an oversized look that is reminiscent of the style featured on Benefit’s GALifornia Blush Box.

“This partnership was the perfect opportunity for Quay to tap into a different side of ourselves," Quay CEO, Jodi Bricker, said. “We love Benefit’s bold and girly contrast, and we were excited to bring that to life in this capsule collection."

The new sunglasses will be available at and from April 3.