Benefit launches new brow try-on program

According to an article by Cosmetic Design, Benefit Cosmetics and Perfect Corp. have teamed up to launch a new WeChat mini program that allows beauty consumers to select the right eyebrow look on their mobiles before booking an in-store appointment.

The service has been deemed the first of its kind in WeChat mini programs. And although the program is only available to consumers in China at the moment, experts say this kind of innovation is currently in higher demand globally, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. This means it is not expected to be limited to one market for very long.

The new service will allow shoppers to experience Perfect Corp.’s YouCam-powered real-time virtual Brow Try-On, to instantly find the perfect brow shape and style for the face. It does this by using facial-point detection and colour-blending technologies to make the AR brow try-on experience very life-like. Additionally, it goes a step further by allowing customers to book a Benefit BrowBar appointment through WeChat.

“Given the explosive growth in e-commerce, this ability to ‘try on’ products online have become crucial in the beauty arena,” Benefit global senior vice president of digital, Toto Haba, said. “We are hoping that Benefit’s Brow Try-On experience will give customers the ability to see our products and services on their own faces while removing one of the last barriers to buying or booking an appointment online.”

Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang, also said: “AR+AI beauty technology can create interactive experiences that add value for beauty brands and personalise the shopping process for consumers,” adding that the company is excited to partner with Benefit, and help the brand realise its “omnichannel strategy to bring the experience to all consumers across all channels."