Brand hires pet influencers as part of new campaign

Cruelty-free luxury brand, Hourglass Cosmetics, has recently partnered with influencers and their beloved pets as part of its new ‘Eye to Eye’ campaign.

Starring influencers include Doralys Britto, Ryan Potter, Kristin Johns, Aja Dang and Chanel Temple, who have all posed ‘eye to eye’ with their pets in a bid to capture the humanity in their furry friends' eyes.

“We will continue working towards change because we believe in seeing eye to eye with animals,” Hourglass said in a statement. “Like us, they are living beings that experience fear and sadness, pain and loneliness. We will stay true to our mission until they are protected in the beauty industry and beyond.”

Hourglass, which is known as a longstanding advocate for cruelty-free beauty, has also promised to go 100 per cent vegan in 2020. Meanwhile, one per cent of all profits from are being donated to the Nonhuman Rights Project.

“Both the Nonhuman Rights Project and Hourglass work to change the world in which we operate in order to end the suffering and change the lives of animals worldwide,” the Nonhuman Rights Project president,  Steven Wise, said. “We both understand that real change is urgently needed and long overdue.”

Fans of the brand are also encouraged to pose ‘eye to eye’ with their pets using the hashtag: #hg_eyetoeye, with Hourglass promising to donate $US1 to the Nonhuman Rights Project.