Clarins unveils 2021 sustainability plans

Clarins is pleased to announce it is continuing its support of Greening Australia in 2021, sticking with its commitment to ‘making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful planet.’

Greening Australia has been restoring Australia’s unique landscapes and protecting biodiversity at scale through collaborative, science-based programs for over 38 years. The company is committed to tackling Australia’s greatest environmental challenges in ways that work for communities, economies and nature.

Since 1954, listening to women and a love of nature have been the driving force behind Clarins’ way of doing and being. Women, because they are the reason all of Clarins’ products and advice exist. Nature, because it inspires the brand’s research, stimulates its innovation and offers the plant based active ingredients essential to each formula developed by Clarins.

These principals are passed from one generation to the next, making Clarins a naturally responsible and engaged company – one steered by a long-term vision. The intrinsic logic of sustainable development is today embodied by an ambitious CSR approach that covers all of the group’s activities.

Beyond the Global approach, Clarins Australia has always sought to support local initiatives that give back. In January 2020, the Australian affiliate sought to cement its support of Greening Australia, with a $100,000 donation in response to the devastating bushfires that ravaged the country. In 2021, Clarins is pleased to repeat this donation, committing a further $100,000 to the environmental organisation.

Clarins managing director Australia and New Zealand, Jerome Bellony, said of the news: “Last summer, Australia was in the grips of a nationwide bushfire emergency. The bushfires burning across Australia were having devastating effects on communities, wildlife, our firefighters and the Australian landscape.

Bushfire recovery is a complex and on-going issue that Australians will be dealing with for, not just months but, years to come. We wanted to ensure that our approach provided a long-term commitment to the environment not just at the immediate time of need, but in the difficult times in future.

Aligned with the Clarins values, we wanted to help and give back to the planet with a focus on ensuring the contribution was aligned with our values and a commitment to the long-term recovery of nature, and not just a one-time donation.

The restoration is going to take years. Continuing our support of Greening Australia for a second year allows us to contribute to our focus on plants and restoring habitats for wildlife Australia and will allow for greater environmental impact.”