Five lash styles that anyone can apply

If you're anything like us, applying false lashes is an anxiety-inducing task. Between the glue, tweezers getting awfully close to your eyes and then the dreaded coming unstuck mid-event, there’s just too much to worry about for our liking.

But with new technologies, the category has come leaps and bounds – which means saying hello to (worry-free) gorgeous lashes for all occasions.

We've rounded up five brands who are making applying lashes easy. You can thank us later!

Click the brand name to learn more and to download hi-res product images.

Glam by Manicare

Used in conjunction with Glam By Manicare® Magnetising Eyeliner, this revolutionary technology contains invisible magnetising particles to take lash application to a professional level. Simply lay down magnetic lashes on top of liner and click into place. Our pick is the Willow style, which is delicately criss crossed for a natural and beautiful finish.


This innovative new collection from Ardell features water activated lashes that allows you to apply false lashes with just a dip of water. The lashes are lined with adhesive that is activated by water – yep you read that correctly. We love the Aqua Lash #345 for its full volume, long length with slightly flared shape longer at the outer corner for a subtle, winged effect. 


Kiss Falscara Starter Kit 01 makes it easy to apply comfortable lashes with an amazing natural look. They are the new way to lash, with wisps you place under your natural lashes – not above them. The kit includes everything you need to create the perfect lash look: Bond (to prime and prep lashes), Wisps (with a unique microband and featherlight fibres that go under your natural lashes), Seal (removes residue and locks wisps in place for all-day wear) and Applicator (for optimal placement).


The Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes collection is a range that requires only 15-second application. The lashes have been designed for false lash first timers, those who find it tricky to use lash glue, or simply have no time to waste – we love that the styles are no glue, no stress and no mess. The new pre-glued band has been created to last longer than any other pre-glued lashes, with a guaranteed 15-hour wear. 


And finally, 1000HOUR Lash Queenie Pack is the latest in the 1000HOUR artificial lash range. Not only are they waterproof, reusable and simple to apply, the comfortable lash band can last up to three days per application! All 1000HOUR Artificial Lashes come with a Hypo-Allergenic Adhesive in each pack – perfect for sensitive eyes.

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