I tried ice facials for a week, and this is how it went

I’ve always been interested in natural beauty remedies so when I heard about ice facials, I was immediately intrigued. I had seen it pop up a few times on my TikTok, with people raving about the results, so decided to try it out for myself.

Before I started, I did some research on what ice facials are. Ice facials are a cryotherapy treatment in which the skin is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. We’ve already seen the popularity of putting facial rollers in the fridge with celebrities like Victoria Beckham doing so. The most basic form of cryotherapy is putting your face in a bowl of ice water. It’s a cheap and easy treatment to try at home if other facials and skincare treatments feel too invasive. 

So, what are the benefits of ice facials, and does it really work? Listed below are just a few examples of how it can improve your skin.

The benefits:

Reduces inflammation: The cold temperature can help to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin, making it a great choice for people with acne, rosacea, or other skin conditions.

Tightens pores: Ice facials can help to tighten pores, making them less noticeable as well as reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads.

Soothes skin: Ice can also help soothe irritated skin and relieve itchiness or discomfort.

Brighten the complexion: Regular use of ice facials can help to brighten the complexion by increasing blood flow to the skin and promoting a healthy glow.

Reduces puffiness: Ice facials can help to reduce puffiness around the eyes, making it a great choice for people who struggle with under-eye bags or dark circles.

Enhances product absorption: Applying ice to the skin before your skincare routine can help to enhance its absorption, making the products more effective.


I put this all to the test. Do ice facials really work? I tested it every morning for a week to get the most accurate result. I decided to try out the ‘face dunk’ method of submerging my face into a bowl of icy water for around 10 seconds (or as long as I could bare it). 

My immediate observations were my skin was flushed like I had been outside in the cold. My skin also felt quite tight all over. It wasn’t an awful feeling, if anything I felt more awake and refreshed, especially because I did it first thing in the morning. 

I did feel my skin felt quite dry, so I really layered on the moisturiser. As I continued this routine over the next few days, I noticed I had started to break out on my chin. Not sure if it’s the ice to blame or my hormones, but it could’ve been a result of shocking my skin with icy cold temperature every morning.

As the days went on, it got easier. I didn’t feel as cold, and I found it kept me awake and more energetic. My skin as well seemed to be enjoying it more too.  

I noticed my eyes were less puffy and my pores had shrunk almost completely. My skin felt a lot healthier and smoother. When applying my makeup in the morning I found my foundation glided on perfectly, I had no patchiness throughout the day that I usually find from having dry skin. 

I found I was going to town on using my moisturiser. The dryness feeling didn’t seem to go away for me, but that wasn’t too much of an issue.

So, would I recommend? Honestly, it’s completely up to you. I’d say it wasn’t needed every morning and if anything would work better in moderation. I’ll be doing this again, maybe when my pores need shrinking or even if I'm just wanting an extra boost of energy in the mornings. For now, I think I need a bit of a break from ice facials.