OG beauty YouTuber launches makeup brand

She is one of the original Aussie beauty YouTubers, and after 10 years, and many requests from her (five million) followers, Lauren Curtis has announced the launch of her highly anticipated brand.

Say hello to LOUNGEFACE. 

The makeup brand, available from August 25, 2021, is launching with its first product, LOUNGEFACE Lash, designed to deliver Curtis’ signature full-lash look.

A no-smudge tubular mascara made to volumise, lengthen, lift and define lashes for an even and buildable look.

BD spoke with Curtis all about the exciting launch, sharing the brand's beauty philosophy, why she went with a tubing formulation, and the biggest changes she's seen in the beauty influencer space.

Congratulations on the announcement of LOUNGEFACE - we're so excited for you! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the name and the brand's beauty philosophy?

Thank you so much! LOUNGEFACE translates to makeup you feel comfortable using and wearing. It's reliable, so you can relax.

We believe in uncomplicated beauty - products that live up to their claims, are fuss-free and can be easily used by anyone (beginner or expert).

The brand is launching with LOUNGEFACE Lash - can you share why you went with mascara first and why a tubing formulation?

I started my YouTube channel ten years ago, and it had been growing steadily for about a year. It wasn't until I uploaded a video of my mascara routine called 'HOW TO GET MASSIVE LASHES!' that everything changed in the blink of an eye.

That video went viral, and almost instantly I had hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of people watching my videos.

Still to this day, the number one question people ask me is, what mascara are you wearing? - so I thought what better way to answer that question than, I made it myself!

Regarding the formula, in my opinion tubing is the way forward. I think it’s superior to the traditional mascara formula in almost every way.

Ours is completely smudge-proof (regardless of sweat, oily skin or humidity), super buildable, water-resistant, flake-resistant, long-wearing - I could go on!

You are one of the OG Aussie beauty content creators (we have loved watching your videos for years!) - what would be the biggest change you have seen in the space over the last 10 years and where do you see the beauty influencer industry heading in the future?

That's so nice to hear, thank you! The biggest change I've seen is the shift in the type of content people are creating. Back when I started, everyone wanted tutorials. Smokey eyes, winged liner, how to apply falsies – all of the basic stuff in detail.

Now, the focus has shifted from learning and perfecting specific techniques, to finding creative ways to pair beauty content with lifestyle content.

Viewers love learning about makeup, but they also want to get to know the person in front of the camera. It feels like slowly, content is becoming less curated, a little more relaxed and less staged.

There are so many unique communities online that there really is something out there for everyone, and now people can get to know their favourite creators in a more intimate way. 

Can you share any sneaky info on what's coming up next for LOUNGEFACE?

I'm only interested in making products that I can't live without. If you've seen me use a particular kind of product a lot, then there's a good chance it's coming up on the horizon!

LOUNGEFACE Lash retails for $29 and is available online, here. You an follow the brand on Instagram, here.

Image source: Supplied.