The 10 brands going gaga for lashes

Renowned for being the window to the soul, the eyes tend to take precedence in beauty routines. The beauty offering is a mainstay on red carpets and is now beginning to filter into the norm. A burgeoning number of brands are staking a claim on the false lash arena, with BD exploring 10 of them below.

An easy way to intensify the eyes is with false lashes. 100 Hour’s variations add depth depending on the desired finish, with eight different styles available.

Unless you have a deft hand, applying false lashes can be tricky. This applicator takes out the difficulty, allowing for a steady hand and stable application of lashes spanning any size or style.

Ardell Individual Lashes DuraLash Short
Catering to the more natural look are individual false lashes. The DuraLash Short lashes from Ardell are permanently curled, weightless, and waterproof – offering a slight flare to those with a range of different eye shapes.

The ProLash FX strip lashes can be used by everyday users to advanced makeup artists alike. The hand-made options are premium grade and latex-based for optimum comfort.

As its name suggests, these lashes are not for wallflowers. The statement-makers are pre-glued for less mess and are available in four different styles.

Twice layered for double the effect are Eylure’s Dramatic Lashes 204. The elaborate options are from the brand that can take claim for Elizabeth Taylor’s strong beauty look in Cleopatra.

DUO® Strip Lash Adhesive
A seamless false lash finish isn’t possible without proper adhesive. DUO®’s lash adhesive is a latex-based formula designed to last all day, and dry clear.

An assortment of individual lashes is available in this kit. The reusable designs (accompanied by professional grade adhesive) can be used to fill in sparse areas, or add extra length.

GLAM by Manicare
Intended for adding subtle volume to lashes, this Glam By Manicare set is made from natural hair. The reusable lashes are also accompanied by oval tip eyelash tweezers for their application.

Eyelash Curler
Curling natural lashes before false application can make the process easier, as well as the final look more dramatic. Artiste’s curler is easy and quick to use – just 30 seconds on each set of lashes will suffice.