The beauty brand taking major action on skin health

Beloved beauty brand, Neutrogena, is excited to announce it will be casting a wider net in its product education.

Neutrogena has unveiled a new campaign dubbed ‘For People With Skin,’ which aims to make the brand’s message of skin health more accessible. It also hopes to lower the barriers people face due to things such as race, socioeconomic status and health care access.

The initiative was born when Neutrogena’s Skin Health in America survey returned results that said 62% of American adults were unable to access the skincare or information they needed, with adults making less than US$25,000 annually 1.7 times more likely to not see a dermatologist.

“Many of us find that getting the best outcomes for your skin is difficult and complicated, and we want to be there for all skin, and all people,” said Neutrogena general manager, Kerry Sullivan. “We’ve always stood for making the science and solutions more approachable.”

The brand is also investing in a long-form approach to education by launching Neutrogena Studios, an entertainment division of Neutrogena. Its very first film, ‘In the Sun’, centres around the importance of sun care.

To top it off, Neutrogena will be launching a ‘microsite’ dedicated to education surrounding a range of skin tones, allowing for people to self-exam for detection of skin cancers. The brand has partnered with parent company, Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation division and will offer a US$50,000 grant to the winning researcher pioneering products for People of Colour.

“When you choose Neutrogena, you get the whole team, you get the scientists, the dermatologists, the skin colour experts,” Sullivan said. “Now more than ever, we’ve deployed them to make the best products for all people.”