The natural ingredients glossary helping consumers

In an effort to help consumers navigate the world of clean beauty and tackle greenwashing, Nude by Nature has released a natural ingredients glossary.

The reference tool is set to provide richer context around the benefits of the natural ingredients the brand uses and why.

"We understand it can be a minefield from a consumer perspective when trying to find information online about brands that are truly natural and the ingredients they use," Nude by Nature head of global digital, Jennifer Zanelli told BD.

"We know ingredients matter, that's why we celebrate our high performing, active natural ingredients. We developed our ingredient glossary as we wanted a simple, interesting and user friendly way to provide richer context around the benefits of each of our incredible, natural ingredients and why we include them in our formulations."

The tool breaksdown ingredients alphabetically and can also be sorted by Australian origin. Along with a description for each ingredient, there is also a 'did you know' and 'history' section.

The Nude by Nature ingredients glossary can be viewed here.