The new face of Giorgio Armani Beauty

American actress, Tessa Thompson has joined Giorgio Armani Beauty as the brand's new face.

"There are so many products that I have used in my life, and so now being the new face of Armani, it feels really surreal to me," said Thompson.

"I really like the idea that makeup can bring out what's inside of you – it's not something you use to cover up who you are, but really to feel like you are the best version of yourself."

Giorgio Armani was impressed with Thompson's radiant energy and vibrant calmness.

"My idea of beauty applies to every woman because it enhances their individuality and uniqueness," the designer explained. 

"Tessa Thompson impresses me with the radiant energy she exudes, the vibrant calmness of her way of life. I am delighted to be able to work with her and show a new side in the feminine kaleidoscope of Armani beauty."

Thompson will appear in campaigns for Luminous Silk Foundation and Lip Power Lipstick.

You can view the Giorgio Armani Beauty brand listing and download hi-res images, here