The product launch we've been waiting 15 years for

After 15 years of product development, Sisley Paris has launched its brand new product, Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age La Cure.

This intensive treatment is the 12th product in the brand’s Sisleÿa range, which is specifically designed to target ageing. La Cure is a four week advanced treatment program – with each week employing a different treatment designed to target certain aspects of the ageing process. A little goes a long way as well – the brand recommends the treatment should be used only twice per year.

According to president, Philippe d’Ornano, the product uses a formula of active botanics, such as ginkgo biloba and peony extract, which aim to restart the cell cycle and renew the skin. When asked about the lengthy development process, d’Ornano said the formulation is very complex and required extensive research. The brand was committed to only launching the product when it was 100% ready.

U.S. president Jim Maki added that launching La Cure during the COVID-19 pandemic required a shift in strategy. In the past, the brand would conduct in-person facials only, but it has now had to move towards a more digital approach in order to adapt.

“We’ve been doing just so much digital with our customers in the stores and our e-commerce,” Maki said. “They’ve actually been doing even digital facials with customers, taking them through the product and then explaining where La Cure would go into it.”

However, while COVID-19 has slowed in-store shopping, Maki noted that foot traffic is slowly starting to increase. This means the brand has already increased its sampling and digital experiences for customers, which includes masterclasses and facials.

According to industry sources, La Cure is expected to profit US$12 million in sales in its first year alone. It retails for US$1,200 and is available on

Stay tuned for the product’s Australian details, which will be uploaded to BD’s Sisley Paris brand listing in due course.