Tried & tested: On counter October

The BD team road-tests all the new and noteworthy products hitting stores this October.

Benefit Brow Styler - Tam
What it is: A multitasking Brow Styling Duo that includes a mess-free powder, as well as a long lasting waterproof wax pencil to deliver three essential brow looks.
My experience: Like other Benefit brow products, this duo is in the sleek silver styling that the brand is known for. One end contains loose brow powder and an applicator tip for a quick and easy application that is mess free and left me with soft, full brows. Whilst the other end is a waterproof wax pencil that is long lasting and great for shaped brows. Application of both products together would be great for defined brows, but I was stoked with the first two looks. Super easy to use and great for on the go, I really loved this!

Ardell Wispies Fiber Building Mascara - Deb
What it is: A mascara with a fibre-building formula and a special hourglass-shaped wand that helps create a faux lash finish in one step.
My experience: Mascara is a staple in my makeup routine, and Ardell’s Wispies Fibre Building Mascara is a great buildable product that gives you control over how full you want your lashes. I found it handy that I could plump my lashes just a touch if I had no time for anything more than tinted moisturiser, and I also had the option of building the product to get the full faux lash look to complement a full face of makeup.

Lady Jayne Luxe Scrunchies - Sam
What it is: Hair scrunchies made from luxurious silk.
My experience: I am obsessed with these adorable silk texture scrunchies that are now a staple in my nighttime routine. The thing that makes these scrunchies stand out for me is that they are big enough to wrap around my bun twice! Finally a brand that understands my long hair girl needs! Not to mention the fact that the silk fabric is far less likely to leave indents in my hair overnight so I am good-hair-day ready come morning.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Invisible G-String - Rachel
What it is: A reusable adhesive g-string to confidently wear tight dresses or dresses with high slights and have no panty lines.
My experience: I had an event recently where I wore a tight dress with a high slight (right up the thigh - took the risk!) and this Invisible G-String was an absolute saviour! I was initially worried about the adhesive strips, however as soon as it was on, I knew it was going to stay and it did. The g-string overall is really high quality; from the type of adhesive used to the thickness of the fabric and lining. I felt comfortable, and assured!, all night. With so many more events coming up at this time of year, I’ll definitely be reaching for this g-string again as I definitely don’t want any panty lines – thankful it’s reusable for up to 20 times!

Glam by Manicare x Bec + Bridge Powder Brush - Karen
What it is: A limited-edition powder brush that is part of the collaboration between Glam by Manicare and Australian fashion label Bec + Bridge.
My experience: I am a big fan of Manicare and Bec + Bridge so a collaboration together is a dream. The Brush was inspired by B+B’s High Summer 20’ Collection ‘Wipeout.’ With the handle being a cheetah print. The powder brush is made from super soft and cruelty-free bristles that were perfect when applying my loose and pressed powders. A super fun collection that looks great sitting on my vanity.

Hawaiian Tropic Express 1HR Self Tan - Caitlin
What it is: An express tanning foam that delivers an easy glow in just one hour.
My experience: I was so excited to learn that Hawaiian Tropic had decided to make an express tan. The bottle is in their iconic cream/brown toned packaging with an easy spout that dispenses the foam. I was able to see where I was applying the products and didn’t go streaky at all. After having to wait just one hour, I was able to get a natural sun-kissed glow and like their other products containing vitamin E it hydrated my skin and felt luxurious.

Biologi Br Organic Rosehip Oil - Rhianna
What it is: An oil that delivers a potent synergy of oil soluble actives required for skin health.
My experience: The Biologi Br Rosehip Oil has become a staple product in my night-time skincare routine. I love that this product is organic and contains only cold-pressed Rosehip seed, which means there are no hidden nasties! This product is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which promotes cellular turnover and overall skin hydration – which is perfect for this time of year when my skin is feeling dull and dry. I apply a few drops of this product every night after cleansing and by the next morning my skin feels soft, hydrated and is glowing! I have noticed the overall texture of my skin has improved dramatically and my makeup glides on a lot easier. I have really sensitive skin and I am so happy that I have found a face-oil that doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out. This product has really raised the bar on face oils! 

Carmex® Flamingo Sugar Plum Pot - Issy
What it is: A limited-edition lip balm formulated with a sugar plum flavour, SPF 15 and packaged with a hot-pink flamingo design.
My experience: Lip balm is an everyday staple for me and I am just loving this new Carmex Flamingo Sugar Plum Pot for the new season. I love the hot-pink flamingo design as it’s bright and fun, and the sugar plum flavour is the perfect sweetness. I’ve never gone wrong with a Carmex product and really enjoy their fool-proof formula which soothes, relieves and moisturises. I love that this also has SPF 15, which is really important going into summer. This lip balm is definitely one that I have been keeping on me at all times with its perfectly convenient size – so easy to continue reaching for it!

Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Facial Set - Eleni
What it is: Five sachets of powdered clay mask, one clarifying steam bath trial size and a small mixing bowl with a fan brush for application.
My experience: I love the idea of self mixing masks. Although it was a bit messy, the experience of being able to control the thickness, and the knowledge of it being fresh and non-contaminated definitely made it more effective than a potted clay mask. Combined with the steam bath prior to application, I found that my skin felt so clean. I had a blemish forming and after the use of the Dr. Hauschka clarifying facial set, it was no longer irritated or raised and disappeared the next day. The clarity of my skin was another level as it felt like I had just gotten a facial. This is a great addition to my skincare and is good to use when you feel like you need a really deep clean. The results afterwards leave me considering whether I really need makeup at all. As the clay mask dries it clings to the dry areas of your face, and the mask does crumble off the face and can cause quite a mess. The inclusion of the bowl and fan brush for mixing and application is thoughtful and effective. Would consider using a heavy moisturiser or hydrating serums as I found it to pull a lot of moisture out of your face.

Aveda Sap Moss™ Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner - Alicia
What it is: A shampoo and conditioner that infuses hair with an earthy, 100 per cent naturally derived Pure-Fume™ aroma featuring jasmine and certified organic olibanum, cypress and clary sage.
My experience: The Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner were quite different products to what I would normally use, and I must say that I am quite impressed. These products are 94 per cent naturally derived from plants and they contain sap, moss and coconut. Whilst the fragrance wasn’t sweet and fruity which would normally draw my attention it was pleasant and the products were easy to use. The shampoo and conditioner felt thick and luxurious on my hands and the shampoo foamed up really well in my hair. I have fine hair that is heat damaged and colour damaged and it tends to be dry at the ends. The Sap Moss Shampoo and Conditioner left my hair feeling nourished and not dry at all, and best of all it didn’t feel heavy and oily like it can after using some nourishing conditioners.

Skin Physics OXYGEN-C Hydrating Vitamin C Toner - Kim
What it is: A facial toner that instantly hydrates skin.
My experience: The Oxygen C Range that Skin Physics has released is a breath of fresh air, and I was lucky enough to try out the Oxygen C Hydrating Vitamin Toner. The bottle is white and fun and has a big orange ‘C’ on it, just so that you can’t forget the main ingredient. It is a facial spray product that is fantastic for an afternoon pick me up, or even first up to get the day started. Packed full of vitamin C from kakadu plum extract, this toner helps stop radical damage from UV exposure while creating hydration and protection of your skin all day long. The bottle is a great size to keep in your handbag or even to pop on your desk for a morning spray to help protect you during the working day.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Roller Ball - Rose
What it is: Trilogy’s hero Certified Organic Rosehip Oil in a handy roller ball application.
My experience: I have tried and loved Trilogy’s Organic Rosehip Oil in its original dropper form so I was excited to try this as a rollerball. Just as its original, the certified organic rosehip oil absorbs instantly into the skin, packed with amazing antioxidants, vitamins and EFAs. The size of this product is so convenient and fits neatly in my handbag to reach for throughout the day. The rollerball itself is also the perfect size to apply right on my fine lines and wrinkles, whilst at the same time gently massaging the oil into my skin. It has been so handy to quickly moisturise dry patches I tend to get and I’ve also been using it to hydrate my lips. There has been so many convenient uses for this now as a rollerball – huge fan!

Sukin SPF30 Sheer Touch Facial Sunscreen Light-Medium - Sandra
What it is: A natural, sheer touch facial sunscreen that has been designed with daily use in mind.
My experience: I have been using this product on weekends for a fresh faced glow (but still with enough tint that I don’t look like a ghost without makeup on!) I apply liberally to my face and neck in the morning and find that the tint goes on evenly with great staying power. The product contains an antioxidant rich blend of rosehip oil, green tea and cucumber to nourish the skin. It is also non-greasy and doesn’t leave a white cast as some similar products are known to do.

VS Sassoon Frizz Defense Straightening Brush - Aja
What it is: A paddle style straightening brush that provides smoothness and shine.
My experience: I have to admit that despite working in the beauty industry, I've never been very skilled when it comes to hair. This new addition from VS Sassoon took my fancy as the two-in-one, brush and straightener design, helps to provide smooth locks, without the frizz. I love how easy this tool is to use, and even more, the way it leaves my hair looking and feeling, all day long. The advanced 3D triple action straightening system includes a detangling comb and the heat activated silicone bristles gently grip and control each hair section for snag-free styling. Whether you're a pro in the hair department or looking for a new tool to speed up styling time, that leaves hair looking sleek and frizz-free, look no further!