Hembrow sisters announce new beauty venture

Two of the Hembrow sisters – Emilee and Amy – have just announced a brand new business venture, their very first beauty clinic, SSKIN, which is set to offer a boutique, one of a kind experience on the Gold Coast.

And although they didn’t go into too much detail, the two revealed in an Instagram video that they are starting with a small offering to help hone their craft, before branching out to speak to experts such as doctors and drug representatives, in order to establish a reputable, clinical business.

As for how the clinic will set itself apart from the rest, the sisters have selected a location that is central to the Gold Coast, but also residential and private – which was a gap in the market they both noticed.

“We researched what is around and we found a lot of clinics that are in doctors’ offices, that are in shopping centres, that are on main roads,” Amy said. “And we personally feel like you’re not going to drive or walk past a clinic and then be like 'Oh, I’m going to go in and get a facial.’ You usually book and go to your clinic. We wanted to basically have a unique selling point where we’re more of a boutique style, more hidden, and have a bit more of a residential feel so that it doesn’t feel as sterile or as public and a bit more exclusive.”

Additionally, the Hembrows are planning to franchise the business, which is why they are “very specific about company culture” and “the kind of company” they wish to build. They also want to be able to advocate for their own clinic, as they would never recommend something to family, friends or the general public they wouldn't use themselves.

Emille and Amy will be posting weekly video updates, where they will also discuss the renovation, business and website sides of SSKIN.