June 2021: What the media was searching this month

It's always interesting to see what topics and articles have sparked the interest of other people in the beauty industry.

Each month new trends arise when it comes to searched keywords, and June was no different.

To help gain a true insight into what has caught the attention of the media, we are taking a look back at the month that was.

Top 10 branded search terms:

1. Mecca
2. Clinique 
3. In Essence
4. JS Health
5. Swisse
6. Biologi
7. John Frieda
8. Joso
9. Klorane
10. MOR

Top 10 search terms:

1. Mascara
2. Fragrance
3. Wax heater
4. Comb
5. Awards
6. Cruelty free
7. Hair dryer
8. Foundation
9. Light hairspray 
10. Oral care 


Image source: @GettyImages.