Meet the game-changing reporting tool for professionals

Specialist media evaluation company, Market View Online, has recently created a highly dynamic, updatable, online reporting tool, which is marketed as making professionals’ campaign reporting headaches disappear.

The new reporting tool not only saves communications professionals time and money in manual reporting, but it gives them an independent evaluation of their online, social, print and broadcast coverage so they can accurately measure the value generated per mention, per channel and per campaign.

Taking the guesswork out of evaluating effective campaigns, the reports instantly highlight both top-line and detailed insights surrounding an event, campaign, brand launch, product launch or competitor report. Professionals can instantly see engagement rates, impressions, unique reach and PR value (to name a few) surrounding a campaign. Dynamic reporting, featuring click-throughs to the live online and social posts also means no more static reporting for non-static coverage. 

According to Market View Online, the tool was created with the “simple idea that there must be a way to combine 21st century technology and reporting” to create a faster, more insightful way to report.

“We understand the strain both enterprises and PR firms are under to measure and value the impossible,” Market View Online evaluation specialist, Ellen Warfield, said. “How are you expected to create static reports on coverage that isn’t static? With technology coming so far, you’d think you’d be past the days of manually screenshotting posts that become out of date almost the second you capture them... And even when you’ve created the grand report on the potential reach, engagement, and estimated media value, you’re still guesstimating that the campaign was successful.”

According to the company, leaders such as Revlon and Coty are already utilising the tool, using industry benchmarks to give them the most extensive insights available, and in turn ensuring they stay ahead of their competitors.

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