Stellar Agency relaunches with a brand new look

Stellar Agency recently re-launched its entire business, putting forward a brand new look, feel, proposition and service offering.

BD spoke with Stellar co-owner and director, Hayley Cole, and co-owner and director, Gabrielle Sigelski, to learn more about the agency's evolution and everything that has and continues to make it successful.

How has the business evolved over the years?
It has evolved significantly by way of our service offering and scope of remit with our clients. 21 years ago, the majority of our work was in publicity and events. Today, however, our business is supported heavily by our creative studio and digital division, with retainer clients appointing Stellar as lead agency to develop and deliver integrated brand communications strategies.

One thing that has not changed is the culture of the agency, which is something we are incredibly proud of and speaks to our high staff and client retention. Stellar is a highly respected agency with 21 years under its belt and boasts clients and staff spanning two to 20 year tenures.
Has your brand clientele changed significantly since the acquisition?
With both of us at the helm in the years leading into our acquisition, all of our clients were retained and we’ve since enjoyed welcoming new brands to the Stellar portfolio. We’ve organically expanded our remit with the majority of our clients over the past five years. This was a factor that contributed to the re-modelling of our business, which we’re excited to finally share this month.
Can you tell me a bit more about the relaunch of your agency?
This relaunch signifies a coming of age for the agency and a celebration of the changing of the guard in a new era of communication. Stellar’s history is one we are proud of and speaks to our decades of experience, extensive network, trusted relationships and our proven partnership.

The new Stellar sees an evolved brand and business offering with four dedicated divisions that can service brands big and small based on their individual needs: Stellar Communications, Stellar Studio, Stellar Social and Stellar Connex. To read more about each division's role, click here.
Do you think staff play an important role when it comes to positive change? On that note, what do you look for when hiring?
Absolutely, and so does leadership. I [Hayley] have worked under some incredible women in my career who remain mentors today, so providing a positive, supportive and empowering workplace is very important to me. Finding the right person for a role comes down to a mix of factors, including relevant experience for the role and shared agency values. Some traits that always stand out are ambition, authenticity, proactiveness, an open-mind and applied thought process with an eye for detail.

To learn more about Stellar, visit their websiteInstagram and Facebook pages.