This is how Australia's 'Conscious Consumer' is shopping in 2019

Earlier this week, PayPal released its 2019 mCommerce Index – a report that looks at purchase patterns and expectations of both smartphone-using consumers and businesses that retail online.

Of the 22,000 Australians surveyed, more than half (55%) are considered 'Conscious Consumers' and are making purchase decisions based on their values around the environment, ethics or fair-trade. As PayPal reveals, these are shoppers that know they can make an impact and are using their purchasing power to boycott brands that have a negative impact on society or the environment and reward those that align with their values.

In correspondence with global data, this emerging consumer attitude is driven by the young with 66% of Aussies aged 18-35 making values-based purchase decisions in the last 12 months.

1-in-10 Aussies (10%) has boycotted a brand because of their values, a number that increases to 1-in-5 for Gen Z (19%); 1-in-7 Aussies (14%) had purchased a product specifically because it was sustainably produced or environmentally friendly, which jumps to 1-in-5 for Gen Z (19%) and 10% of Aussies buy environmentally-sustainable products and services wherever possible – regardless of price.

Conscious Consumers and customer reviews
The Index also reports on the current attitude towards customer reviews and found that this emerging Conscious Consumer does not buy whatever brands tell them is ‘on trend’. Instead, they actively seek out reviews to determine whether a product or service is right for them or aligns to their values. According to the Index, 2-in-5 (40%) of Conscious Consumers have purchased products or services based on a positive online customer review.

They don’t just seek out this information either, they provide it as well. More than three quarters (78%) of this consumer profile have posted a review after buying something online in the last 12 months.

Interestingly, of the 4,602 online retailers that were surveyed as part of this report, nearly half (48%) feel that consumers are more likely to leave reviews that are negative. However, 70% of these reviews were mostly (60%) or all (10%) positive.

PayPal Australia Shopping Expert Jess Rix, said of the 2019 mCommerce Index, “There’s a new wave of consumer behaviour and it’s being driven by the young. Aussies are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to environmentally and socially sustainable products. Every buying decision has the power to change the world a little and we’re beginning to see a shift as Australians are increasingly choosing brands that operate ethically and sustainably over those that don’t.”

The Index delves into other areas of purchasing behaviour including some interesting data on Social Commerce. To read the full report, click here.