Celebrities invest in Nudestix

According to an article by WWD, Nudestix has two new celebrity investors – Hilary Duff and Chelsea Handler – both of whom are expected to help the brand move into its next phase.

“They’re both, in our opinions, these amazing babe bosses,” Nudestix CEO, Jenny Frankel, said. “Both of them are very into the ‘less is more’ approach to beauty. They’re very interested in supporting female brands…stay tuned, there could even be a potential collaboration in the fall.”

Duff said in a statement that she became ‘obsessed’ with Nudestix when she started using it.
“The textures are amazing and the products are so easy to use. It makes my makeup routine a breeze. You can amp it up for a night out, but I mainly love that the tones and textures are really just to enhance your natural beautiful self,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, Handler is interested in investing in a ‘women-run’ business.
“I love that Nudestix is a female-founded brand and emphasises natural beauty. It’s super simple for me to achieve an easy ‘nude, but better’ look,” she said.

Nudestix was in approximately 740 retail locations globally at the end of 2018, and there are no signs of slowing down. In fact, Frankel hopes to ‘triple’ the business over the next three years, with a number of plans already in action.