Say hello to essano's new brand ambassador

Cult New Zealand beauty brand, essano, is excited to announce that New Zealand supermodel, Rachel Hunter is the brand’s new ambassador.

Also a presenter, author and yoga teacher, Hunter is a genuine fan of essano and counts its Certified Organic Hydrating Rosehip Oil as a mainstay of her beauty routine.

When it comes to upholding super natural and super healthy skin, Hunter, who is renowned for her timeless beauty, opts for simple, clean skincare using Rosehip Oil for over 15 years.

“I have loved Rosehip Oil for years, so to be working with a brand like essano that has such high-grade Rosehip Oil is a match made in heaven. essano encompasses the qualities I admire in beauty - conscious, quality and makes my skin feel amazing.

I have pretty dry skin and essano Rosehip Oil helps my skin feel softer and dewier. And I don’t stop at my face. I use Rosehip Oil on my neck, arms, legs and body as well. I love its golden, honey colour and you can feel the sumptuous moisture from it as soon as you put it on your hands.”

An LA local but a Kiwi at heart, Hunter discovered essano on the shelves at her local grocery store while visiting home nine years ago.

“I remember the first time I saw essano. I was at home filming New Zealand’s Got Talent and was wandering through my local New World. I was drawn to the Rosehip and the pink packaging. I was happy to see a natural, homegrown, premium Rosehip Oil that was accessible to everyone. I was excited to try it as essano adds acai berry to the Rosehip Oil for an additional antioxidant boost.”

Embarking on a partnership together is a natural alignment between the two homegrown talents. Sharing many similar values, Hunter and essano are committed to being cruelty-free, prioritising natural products, focusing on environmental and community sustainability, choosing certified organic where possible and having beautiful, premium products that are accessible to all.

“When I choose skincare, I like brands that are listening to consumers’ voices and making changes,” Hunter said. “I love to see cruelty-free icons, I love organic certifications, and I love sustainability credentials - everyone should have access to premium, natural products that have integrity - and are actually affordable. It is about our skin, but it is also about making high-grade quality products available for everyone, with a product that works.”