Fashion designer Stella McCartney launches vegan skincare line

After cementing herself as an eco-conscious designer in the fashion industry, choosing pleather’s over leathers and steering clear of real fur, Stella McCartney has officially launched her skincare range STELLA, coining the phrase “skincare with a clear conscience”.

The debut comes as no surprise, considering the hugely successful McCartney created a fashion empire focused on sustainability. The STELLA range is 100% vegan, deriving 99% of ingredients from natural origins and being completely refillable. The whole range is a simple 3-step routine, the Reset cleanser, the After-Care serum and the Restore cream. The simplicity of the range is a deliberate attempt at reducing the impact that packaging has on the environment.

Stella McCartney commented on the range, saying: “When I started this project a few years ago, I knew change in the industry was needed—it was my hope to create an alternative luxury skincare range that I couldn’t find in the marketplace.”

STELLA has partnered with the LVMH group, known for its luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Tiffany & Co, Sephora and the list goes on. This partnership was a strategic decision said the designer. The opportunity of partnering with the LVMH group meant that the range was able to be curated with the financial support that allowed no compromising on its sustainability or efficacy.

The decision to launch with only three products in the range was also a deliberate choice, as the designer, a working mother of four understood the best gift you can give someone is time. Therefore, making a three-step routine that promises to deliver the same results as any other.

The STELLA range is packed full of organic, natural-origin actives to deliver clinical results. It incorporates ingredients such as olive squalene, which is naturally derived from you guessed it, olives, rather than sharks’ liver, which helps to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. STELLA will also harness a vegan wheat based hyaluronic acid, that will lock in moisture and have the skin feeling and looking plumper.

Along with alternative plant-based ingredients, the beautiful packaging is both recyclable and refillable. Along with the carefully thought-out decision to maximise the use of sea-freight over air, lowering the carbon footprint by over a third. Stella McCartney has also chosen to support the conservation of the NGO wetlands, donating 1% of all sales to the restoration and conservation of the Scottish peatlands.

STELLA is available to purchase online and at the flagship Stella McCartney store on Old Bond Street in London. Keep checking back to see when the brand will be available in Australia.