Leading beauty artists collaborate to support COVID-19 relief

According to an article by Cosmetics Business, leading makeup artists and hair stylists have joined forces to create a ten day global fundraiser to support industry creatives affected by COVID-19.

Between June 7 and June 17, consumers will be able to view live stream events starring more than 50 artists, including workshops with Bobbi Brown, Marissa Marino, Sir John and Tabatha Coffey.

In order to attend a Beauty Together class, viewers are asked to donate a minimum of $US10, with proceeds going towards struggling beauty industry freelancers. 5,000 class slots will be available, with each being hosted on Zoom. Each class will also be available on demand for those unable to attend live.

The series of events will be presented by the charity, Support Creatives, which aims to give artists in the beauty industry the chance to realise their dreams and breed success through hard times.

"While its inception comes in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Support Creatives is not just a quick fix," the NGO said in a statement. "Rather, it is uniquely designed to support artists during the entirety of their careers, whether that be during moments of crisis or personal growth. Support Creatives aims to provide assistance and stability for artists, no matter the situation."