Editorial update at Mamamia

Mamamia has shared the latest changes to its editorial team. 

Most recently, Stacey Hicks has been promoted to deputy editor at the title. Prior to this, Stacey was the branded content lead.

Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens, Clare Stephens and Leigh Campbell continue as executive editors, while Tamara Davis is currently on maternity leave.

The confirmed editorial team for Mamamia is as follows:

Eliza Sorman Nilsson, editor in chief: eliza.sorman-nilsson@mamamia.com.au

Valentina Todoroska, editor: valentina.todoroska@mamamia.com.au

Stacey Hicks, deputy editor: stacey.hicks@mamamia.com.au

Polly Taylor, page editor and editorial commissions: polly.taylor@mamamia.com.au

Alix Nicholson, weekend editor: alix.nicholson@mamamia.com.au

Charlotte Begg, morning editor: charlotte.begg@mamamia.com.au

Laura Brodnik, head of entertainment: laura.brodnik@mamamia.com.au

Gemma Bath, news editor (returning in January 2024): gemma.bath@mamamia.com.au 

Erin Docherty, beauty and health editor: erin.docherty@mamamia.com.au

Basmah Qazi, senior lifestyle writer: basmah.qazi@mamamia.com.au

Chelsea McLaughlin, senior entertainment writer: chelsea.mclaughlin@mamamia.com.au

Tara Watson, senior content producer - entertainment: tara.watson@mamamia.com.au

Nicole Madigan, senior writer: nicole.madigan@mamamia.com.au

Isabella Ross, senior content producer - news: isabella.ross@mamamia.com.au

Emily Vernem, content producer: emily.vernem@mamamia.com.au

Shannen Findlay, content producer: shannen.findlay@mamamia.com.au