Feeling down? These podcasts will help boost your mood

One advantage of working from home is that you can play music as loudly as you like, without annoying your co-workers.

For us, we prefer to tune into a podcast. It's a great way to educate yourself, be inspired, keep up-to-date with the industry and most importantly, in this current climate, boost your mood.

Here, we’ve rounded up five podcasts to add to your playlist, stat.

You Beauty

You Beauty is a Mamamia podcast hosted by Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren. If you’re looking for makeup tips, skincare chitchat, beauty how-tos, product launches, and expert interviews, this is the podcast for you. 

What to expect? Leigh and Kelly dissect everything from the latest beauty trends (what’s microblading and do you need it?) to what’s in your favourite influencer’s makeup bag and it really is, as their tagline says, the podcast for your face.


Hosted by former lifestyle and beauty editor, Alison Rice, Offline is a series of honest conversations with the people behind our favourite instagram accounts, and the teachers who help us on our way. Alison and her guests dive into life on the other side of the filter, and chat about the idea of true-self.

What to expect? This inspiring podcast really hits you in the feels (in a good way), and gets you thinking about your own life, goals and what motivates you to become a better person. We highly recommend the Self-Care Sunday series, where Alison chats to a range of Estée Lauder ambassadors about the importance of looking after yourself. 

Glow Journal

Beauty writer and influencer, Gemma Watts, hosts Glow Journal, a podcast dedicated to uncovering the stories behind Australia’s biggest beauty brands. Gemma talks to the CEOs, founders, creatives, and industry pioneers behind the beauty brands we know and love.

What to expect? From cult favourites to the products you reach for every day, from young entrepreneurs to companies steeped in history, Glow Journal brings you the stories behind the most successful beauty businesses. Have a note pen and pad handy for all the tips you’ll learn along the way.


Hosted by Kelly McCarren, Flex Mami and Lama Zakharia, Overshare is a no BS conversation about everything from relationships to mental health. With episodes like “I broke up with my ex because a psychic told me to” and “is it ever ok to cheat?”, nothing is off limits. 

What to expect? Get ready to laugh-out-loud. Conversations you have with your best friends, or even those topics you wouldn’t go near normally, these three ladies bring the normality to the subjects we all think about, in a respectful, intelligent and witty way. Have a wine handy.

Renegade by Centennial Beauty

Hosted by Centennial Beauty founders, Jordyn Christensen and Lauren Meisner, Renegade is a deep dive into the biggest topics in internet and pop culture, as well as beauty. 

What to expect? A mix of timely news-led discussions and evergreen topics. Everything from the latest in TikTok or YouTube, to whether the latest influencer launch is worth the hype, to trending beauty topics like whether the evolution of #selfcare on social media has made the concept redundant.