Pinterest predicts the beauty trends that will shape 2021

With more than 442 million people around the world using Pinterest each month to discover new ideas and bring them to life, Pinners are continually relying on the platform to plan and be inspired. 

In 2020, everyone turned to Pinterest for guidance and inspiration on navigating their lives during the global pandemic – from food to fashion to fun DIY projects and activities – they came with open minds and left filled with ideas to try at home.

And Pinterest predicts that from this historic year will come new behaviours that will have lasting power for years to come.

However, Pinterest Predicts isn’t your typical trend report. The insights aren’t a retrospective, or a round-up of what was trending – it’s a not-yet-trending report of what will be trending. And that means Pinterest knows what’s coming next, first.

You can find the full list of 2021 trends, based on emerging searches with increases compared to last year, at this link, and below BD has included the leading beauty trends for 2021:

Minimal skincare is the new glow up

People are giving up the complicated full makeup look to embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new 'effortlessly chic' routine is simple and sustainable. 

Increase in searches year over year for: 

Glowing skin how to get naturally +4x 
Face yoga exercises +4x
Homemade skin care +110%
Aloe vera face mask +115%
Natural everyday makeup +180%

Defiant brows are the new defined brows

Brush up your brow game. People will be embracing bold brows and experimenting with statement-making styles. 

Increase in searches year over year for:

Goth eyebrows +120%
Bleached eyebrows +160%
Ombre powder brows +50%
Above eyebrow tattoo +60%
Colorful eyebrows +35%

Protective styles – low maintenance is the new high heat

People will get creative with braiding techniques that are protective, low-maintenance and glamorous. Beyond the braids, style mavens will add their own personal touch with beads or colourful highlights. 

Increase in searches year over year for:

Knotless box braids +150%
Bubble braids +135%
Viking braids men +90%
Braids with fade +9x
Yarn braids styles +145% 

Indie beauty – cute is the new chic

Take it from Gen Z, indie isn’t what it used to be. Their version is defined by bold-coloured crop tops, baggy jeans and emoji-inspired makeup and nails. When it comes to beauty, 2021 will be about feeling cute. 

Increase in searches year over year for: 

Indie nails +21x
Smiley face nails +9x
Indie makeup +4x
Inner eye pop of color +45%
Butterfly eye makeup +6x