Sigourney Cantelo launches new podcast

Award-winning beauty and health journalist and content creator, Sigourney Cantelo has launched a new venture, the Beautiful Inside by Beauticate podcast, with the goal of redefining the conversation around beauty and wellness.

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Sigourney’s popular beauty and lifestyle site, Beauticate, the new video podcast will explore how our inner state is the key to true beauty.

Inspired by her own personal challenges, Sigourney is on a mission to destigmatise discussion around mental health and provide a platform for open dialogue.

"Last year I battled with chronic pain, gut issues, parenting challenges and anxiety which led me to explore healing and self-care," shares Sigourney.

"Beautiful Inside is born out of this personal journey and a desire to share stories of strength, healing and finding happiness in an increasingly challenging world."

For more than 20 years, Sigourney has been a trusted voice in the beauty and health industry. Prior to founding Beauticate she was the beauty and health director of Vogue Australia.

Through Beauticate, a multi-platform beauty website that reaches over 1.3m people a month, Sigourney has unveiled the lives and beauty routines of inspiring and influential people, offering a glimpse into their worlds.

As a video podcast, Beautiful Inside, will also be film in the spaces that define guests' lives, from their pantries to walk-in wardrobes, surrounded by all their personal stories and treasures. But the conversations are going to go deeper.

The podcast conversations will explore the often-overlooked aspects of inner beauty and mental health.

Each episode will feature candid conversations with inspiring guests, with early episodes including UK entrepreneur and media personality Trinny Woodall and PE Nation’s Pip Edwards, who share their own journeys and insights into maintaining inner and outer beauty.

Sigourney will also be joined by experts in wellness, aesthetics and longevity to give listeners a truly holistic view of the beauty and health industry.

"I’m looking forward to taking listeners inside the homes, routines and inner lives of some truly fascinating people," said Sigourney.

"Together we’ll discuss the science and psychology of beauty and self-care, providing listeners with the tools to look and feel their best - inside and out."

Beautiful Inside is out now, available to listen across major podcast platforms.

Image credit: @beauticate