The next big vlogging trend

Age is but a number for the vlogging world, with the latest booming sector for beauty vlogs confirmed to cater to a mature demographic.

The Telegraph UK recently reported that 76 per cent of the 55- to 75-year-old demographic go online daily. Among a discovery of the online world, this age group has also found their way (and made their mark) on YouTube. Senior director for EMEA at the platform Stephen Nuttall commented to The Times: “YouTube creators come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s certainly no upper age limit. I believe our oldest living creator is over 100, and we’re seeing more and more mature creators set up and be very successful.”

It’s a trend that has seen the rise of older vloggers like Tricia Cusden, who averages two million views per video. It was a gap in the market that inspired her start, as well as a burgeoning thirst for online education among the age group. Cusden comments: “There is a growing community of older women online and it's a complete myth that women aren't tech-savvy…With older women and make-up they either get stuck in a rut or lose confidence of what to do. We take them by the hand and show them how to do it and I think that is why it's so successful.”

Professional vloggers from younger age groups are also beginning to take note of the growing community, with online stars such as Lisa Eldridge tailoring video content to the mature audience.