Two social channels influencers should not underestimate

Following the mixed reaction to Instagram's decision to hide likes in Australia, it's not surprising that many influencers are looking to alternative social platforms on which to share content. 

According to an article published on CNN last week, there are two in particular that are showing great potential, especially when it comes to video: Pinterest and surprisingly, LinkedIn. 

While neither are currently major names in online video sharing, many believe this is about to change. Research analyst, Jillian Ryan, told CNN that both LinkedIn and Pinterest currently have very large and engaged audiences – the former has an overall user base of 645 million members, while the latter has more than 250 million monthly users.

Both are also actively encouraging users to share videos. The feature has been available on LinkedIn since 2017 and earlier this year it launched a live streaming feature, LinkedIn Live, to a limited group of users. Just last week, Pinterest announced a range of new tools including a video tab on business and creator profiles and an updated video uploader that makes it easier to post directly to the platform.

Despite the lack of direct avenues for creators to make money from videos on these platforms, aspiring influencers can better stand out and differentiate themselves because there is less competition, reads the article.

"The big players like Instagram and Facebook are already capitalizing on videos and have been doing it for years," Ryan told CNN. "Perhaps it's saturation or audience fatigue, but possibly LinkedIn [and Pinterest] can take those user behaviors that are second nature on other platforms and figure out how they work in a different environment."

People who want to make a living as an influencer may find they can get an initial leg up by posting on LinkedIn and Pinterest, especially if they are concerning themselves with content that stretches across the career and women's lifestyle verticals.