L’Oréal Paris implements major environmental changes

In a live-streamed conference yesterday, L’Oreal Paris announced its plans to implement major environmental changes.

The brand has launched a new sustainability program called ‘L’Oréal For the Future, Because our Planet is Worth it’. The program sets out numerous pledges, including reducing its carbon footprint by 50% per finished product.

Another key pledge involves L’Oreal Paris striving to use 100% recycled plastic, 100% sustainable cardboard and operating with 100% carbon neutral factories by 2030.

“Now is the time to accelerate sustainable innovation, to make the shift to a circular economy and to reduce the impact of our products,” L’Oreal Paris global brand president, Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, said during the conference.

“We are not starting from scratch. Between 2005 and 2020, our factories and distribution centres have already reduced CO2 emissions by 82%, water consumption by 44%, and waste generation by 35%. There is still much work to be done, but we will remain strong in our resolve to make a difference and play our part in this race against climate change.

She also added that as the number one beauty brand in the world, L’Oréal Paris has a duty to change the codes of beauty to adopt a more sustainable approach and to empower its consumers to achieve responsible consumption.

Additionally, the brand is also focusing on its packaging by reducing weight and engaging consumers, which it hopes will help cut waste in usage and carbon emissions when it comes to delivery.

Another central part of L’Oreal Paris’ goals include introducing more biodegradable formulas, with all products launched in 2019 already 94% more biodegradable. Now, however, the brand has turned its attention to protecting water usage.

“We are looking into becoming the champs of water-less formulas,” L’Oreal Paris global scientific director, Elisabeth Bouhadana, said. “Our engineers try to develop the formulas of the future.”

According to the brand, water usage accounts for 50% of its carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of water (or eliminating water altogether) it hopes to help combat this.

As a key focus of the program, L’Oréal Paris will be developing specific programs in a quest to empower and support women. Globally, women are usually the main victims of climate change, which is why the brand is investing  €10 million for carbon projects that will benefit communities of women worldwide.