Lee Mathews Resort 2020: Backstage report

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Who: Lee Mathews
When: 9:00am, May 15, Carriageworks 

Hair: Nathan Gorman for KEVIN.MURPHY
Hair look:
"Lee Mathews has a really effortless appeal so we really wanted to represent that. She also uses a whole range of fabrics, draping and pleating that we really wanted to reflect in the hair. We came up with the whole concept of folding the hair in a way that was unique to each individual wearer.

We wanted the hair to have that editorial kind of look so we used minimal product. We started with HEATED.DEFENSE, then used ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, just to get the texture right. Then we blow dried the hair upwards – not to get it into the perfect runway pony, but to give us a really great base. Then we've folded the hair up, then down and twisted it to the side and finally tie it with hat elastic as we go.  

The headband is having a bit of a comeback and we've decided to use it because it heroes the face – it flattens the hair out and showcases the face. It's also very flattering because it elongates the neck and gets the hair up and away from whatever's happening with the clothes. If necklines go up, hair goes up. I think it gives it a fast kind of chicness."

Makeup: Claire Thompson
"The look today is timeless as the collection is so light, airy and beautiful. It's the look you get after a couple of days on holiday when you're the best version of yourself. Skin has moved away from matte or dewy, today it's an in-between, creamy complexion. I feel that's where makeup and skin is headed now – it's elevated and the quality is going into skincare rather than making an impact with the base. We've put a little flush on the cheeks and the brows are brushed up and out to give a bit of definition."

The hero product is Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Dou Dou and Nuori skincare.

See all the MBFWA 2019 backstage reports here.