St.George Nextgen 2020: Backstage report

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Who: St.George Nextgen
When: 10:00am, May 16, Carriageworks 

Hair: Katy Reeve for TONI&GUY
Hair look:
"We've got two looks today. The first is high shine, polished, clean and tight. We're working with middle parts and making it look really strong from the front by pulling the hair down, flat and back. Then we're creating a Dutch braid – which is more visible for the catwalk – through the back that's central and nice and strong.

Related Brands: 

The second look is opposite in texture. It's airy, it's lived-in and it's more youthful. First we worked through the label.m Volume Foam which has a setting kind of feel to it. We've then gone through and very randomly picked small sections of the hair to plait – all different sizes and lengths. Then we used the Weightless Hairspray which is very workable, before we run the iron though. This not only sets the braid but it also squashes it flat, while the heat gives it shine. Once we take the braids out, we comb the hair and use a Wax Spray with our palms to flatten the parting, while keeping the ends lived-in and light."

Makeup: Hayley Dutton for Rimmel London
"We've got two looks for St. George Nextgen. For one, we're doing a beautiful, floating liner using our Wonderproof Eyeliner which has a beautiful bronze finish, and then a beautiful pink highlighter. We're always seeing gold highlighter so I wanted to mix it up a little. We're also giving the girls a red, pressed in lip. 

The second look is a beautiful smoky eye with a twist. It's disconnected. We've got a concentration of colour on the outer and inner corners of the eyes and then a light open section in the middle. 

Skin we're keeping glossy. We're mixing one of our foundations with our strobing cream because we do want to see the skin under the base."

See all the MBFWA 2019 backstage reports here.