CHANEL celebrates biggest fragrance launch of the year with exciting first

CHANEL has become the first beauty brand to light up one of the largest LED screens in the world, in celebration of its biggest fragrance launch of 2024.

The campaign, which features the limited-edition version of CHANEL's N°5 L’EAU perfume, is being displayed on the Sphere in Las Vegas until June 20th.

The release also marks the first time in the House's history that N°5 L’EAU has left its historical bottle behind.

"Rounded and ethereal in shape and structure, this collector’s bottle is a promise of life. It is small, oval and transparent, resembling a pebble. Or a shaft of light caught in striking simplicity," said the brand.

"It is a bottle designed to anchor the sensation of a natural life force. The power of a breath of life clad in glass transports us to a new, elevated, heightened dimension, brimming with rapturous energy. The bottle, like its fragrance, conveys the urgency of living."

N°5 L’EAU, which was first released in 2016, is now a newly enchanting fragrance, with floral freshness and unprecedented spirit. 

"It is an impulsive radiant drop whose dazzling citrus rays soar skywards, elevated by aldehydes," CHANEL describes the scent. 

"Then comes a floral swirl of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, then finally, dynamic vetiver and cedar."

CHANEL N°5 L’EAU retails for $228 and is available in-store and online for a limited time at

Image credit: CHANEL