Maybelline New York advertises its product in The Sims Mobile game

Maybelline New York recently teamed up with the Sims mobile app to launch an in-game campaign at the end of May. The campaign showcased their latest product, the 'Falsies Surreal Extension Mascara,' through a creative poster display.

Maybelline hails this achievement as a mark of "high-quality" engagement. An impressive 97 percent of the displayed advertising content was "clearly visible" within the game environment, avoiding obscure backgrounds. On average, viewers were exposed to the ads for four seconds during each appearance.

This collaboration managed to engage an impressive seven million users. The integration of Maybelline's product within the virtual world of "The Sims" was notably successful, as the advertising blended seamlessly with the environment, making it appear authentic. This trend of in-game advertising is on the rise, with the industry generating nearly nine billion dollars in revenue this year and experiencing significant double-digit growth.

For over 23 years, people of all ages have enjoyed playing "The Sims," a social simulation game that has bridged generational gaps. Starting from 1999.

Today, it's the children of those early players who continue to find the game appealing. The latest iteration, The Sims 70, has been downloaded over 4 million times, receiving constant updates and expansions. Over the years, the game's publisher, Electronic Arts (EA), has amassed a staggering five billion dollars in revenue from it, as reported by "The Gamer" magazine.