Meet Australia's newest digital magazine

Speciality skincare brand, Yours Only®, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand new e-magazine, Simply Dramatic – a mag that is jam-packed with all the advice you need this winter.

The Yours Only® brand was born in 2020 after its founder, Ashli Templer, experienced health issues and was not able to find a product in the market that suited her needs. The brand is completely allergy friendly and dermatologically tested, as well as being suitable for babies, teens, tweens, mums and pregnant women, thanks to using no nasty ingredients.

“Inspired by Ashli’s current health journey of healing, this 74-page magazine explores all areas of our lives, with how to tackle winter, one day at a time,” the brand said. “It’s a guide to getting off the couch, eating well and staying sane this winter.”

The mag hand-picked eight Aussie contributors who are passionate about what they do and want to guide us on the right path.

Contributors include:

- Chloe McLeod: Dietitian.
- Sarah Bradshaw: Naturopath and recipe queen.
- Aleeya Hachem: Sexologist.
- Hollie Azzopardi: mind, body and soul mentor.
- Ashli Templer: Founder of Yours Only®.
- Jaclyn Cave: Naturopath.
- Jessamine Cadou: Barre instructor.
- Carissa Smart: Communications designer.

Inclusions include:


- Winter eating by a dietitian.
- Eight recipes to keep you nourished.


- Sexual empowerment and pleasure by a sexologist.


- Connecting to your values by a psychologist.
- Sending love to self by a mind, body and soul mentor.


- Winter skincare school by Yours Only®’s founder.
- Supporting your skin from the inside out by a naturopath.


- At home warming flow by a barre instructor.
- A guide to being more organised by a communications designer.

Simply Dramatic retails for $20 AUD on the Yours Only® website here OR if you buy CLEAN + COAT in the same transaction, the e-mag will automatically appear in your cart, complimentary. 

This offer runs from June 10 to July 11. 

Imagery credit: @designbyaikonik