Introducing Are Media's new magazine campaign

Thanks to a brand new campaign by Are Media (and produced by Seven’s Red Engine), women are being encouraged to forget about the chaos of everyday life by immersing themselves in their favourite magazines.

The commercial, which will air across the Seven Network, is based on insights from Are Media’s Magic of Magazines research. The 30-second ad shows how magazines are a favourite way for women to escape, demonstrating how they are inspired, entertained and deeply engaged once they are reading a magazine.

In fact, the consumer survey found that 72% of women love the feeling of holding a magazine, with 65% saying they find magazines “completely absorbing.”

Are Media marketing director, Louise Cankett, said: “There’s a special type of connection when reading a magazine, whether that is diving into the celebrity world, immersing yourself in a story, or admiring the photography. It’s pure escapism and this campaign has been designed to remind women to take that time out for themselves. As many parts of the country continue to experience restrictions of one form or another, this is as relevant now as it has ever been.” 

The creative concept also draws on Are Media’s major research study, HUMOUR, which looks into the use of humour in advertising. It found that women are more likely than men to use humour when stressed or worried, or when they are in a bad mood.

Further research from Kantar in the UK also found that humour improves campaign receptivity for women more than any other advertising characteristic, yet only 22% of ads starring women use humour as a marketing tool.

“Evidence from our own brands also shows humour drives improved interaction,” Are Media research director, Nat Bettini, said. “Humorous Marie Claire Instagram posts achieve three times higher engagement, and for The Australian Women’s Weekly, it’s more than twice.

There’s no doubt we have come a long way from the days when women were punch lines to men's jokes, but more can be done to use humour in advertising targeting women, as we know it delivers results.”

While the new ad will be airing across Channel 7, the wider campaign will also be running across Are Media’s print and digital channels.