Pioneering lifestyle brand launches its first magazine

Pioneering independent lifestyle platform, Rescu (, is delighted to announce it has expanded its portfolio with the launch of a digital magazine – an extension of independent media brand, Rescu by Bahar Etminan.

With the first issue featuring perennial model and entrepreneur, Miranda Kerr, Ageless is a digital magazine for men and women focused entirely on aesthetic rejuvenation and modern beauty.

“Ageless by Rescu magazine is here,” Rescu founder and publisher, Bahar Etminan, said. “I believe that beauty and vitality are ageless. I believe that we can look and feel better in our fifties than in our twenties, and that the right lifestyle, good nutrition, high performance products and leading-edge treatments can transform our confidence and glow.

In the past decade, there has been a rapid and, some might say, radical advancement in the science of vitality, rejuvenation, and beauty, yet most publications and platforms focus on a narrow slice of these themes. This launch issue, supported by our first podcast series of the same name, opens the door to the experts, muses, products, treatments and innovations to inspire and inform you.”

Etminan added that she has partnered with ​​”the brightest experts, award winning journalists, and inspirational men and women” to bring readers into a world that offers so much more “than hope in a jar,” with the magazine being inclusive, diverse and inspirational, but more importantly, a trusted source that delivers direct access to best practice experts and cutting-edge innovations in Australia and globally.

​​For the 75+ page launch issue, Kerr speaks candidly about the at-home rituals she swears by to defy time. Also featured are clinical expert-led biohacking tips, treatment and supplement suggestions, hormone advice, as well as the best at-home anti-ageing technology, and much more. 

Plus, you’ll find unfiltered advice from ageless muses, including TV star Darren Palmer, fashion icon Megan Hess, celebrity stylist Donny Galella, and Melbourne-based feminist and women’s rights advocate Dr Emma Fulu. 

“The e-magazine is beautifully designed as a perennial and digital (thus sustainable) reference source you can come back to, share, shop, watch and listen to," Etminan concluded. "Ageless is a 360-degree immersion and a new tool on your journey to be your best self, your own muse."

Ageless by Rescu Issue 1 is accessible here. Issue 2 will be released on December 1, 2021.