Tim Robards shares his skincare tips all men need to know

He was Australia's first Bachelor, who now graces our TV screens as Pierce Greyson on Neighbours, Tim Robards has quite the extensive CV. Adding to that list, Robards is excited to announce he will continue as ambassador for men's skincare brand, Handsome, through 2020.

The soon-be-father, spoke with BD about the exciting partnership with Handsome and shared with us his skincare routine, what men should know about looking after their skin and how he and Anna have been handling social distancing.

You're teaming up with Handsome to continue on as a brand ambassador for 2020, can you tell us about the partnership and what you'll be involved in?

From my first introduction with Handsome, I knew I wanted to be a part of this brand and its journey. The product looks great, it shares my cheeky personality, it’s at a great price point using mainly organic and natural ingredients, whilst being one of the best performers in the market.

I’m looking to get more into the design and new product ideas to solve problems for us men wanting quick, easy but effective skincare solutions.

What is your favourite Handsome product and why?

I love the Charcoal Face Buff, it make my skin feel amazing afterwards and I can't help but feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator as I apply it!

Can you take us through your skincare routine?

Well, firstly I love the way the products make my bathroom look.... To have all the products I need in the same sleek, black, minimalist and sophisticated style was a big seller for me as it brings style to my bathroom.

My skincare regime is quick and effective. Every day I use the Handsome Skincare Body Wash (award winning) before using the Facial Wash. A few times a week I use the Handsome Skincare Charcoal Face Buff in the shower, followed by the 2 in 1 Shampoo (smells so good with peppermint oil!). Also I moisturise with the Antioxidant Daily Nourishing moisturiser.

Depending on what I’m doing with my beard I may use the shave gel around the neck line prior to moisturising if I am going for a clean look. It’s as easy as that! 

What should men know about looking after their skin that you think is often overlooked?

It’s important to cleanse your face morning and night to get rid of any dirt, sweat and SPF that has accumulated throughout the day. That is why the Handsome Skincare Facial Wash was made to be gentle on skin but effective at removing impurities, while nourishing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E hydrate your skin, not dry it out. 

The charcoal face buff is a nice way to exfoliate a few times per week to really get a fresh looking face and get rid of any dead skin cells, oils and other impurities. That is my favourite product to use and I actually look forward to those days as I always feel like I’ve taken a few years off, haha! 

For men who work outdoors a lot then the SPF moisturiser is a great option for during the day to prevent ageing and protect against skin cancer. If you’re into slowing the ageing process as much as possible then the antioxidant rich Handsome Skincare ‘Ultra’ nourishing moisturiser at night will help with skin repair and prevent ageing.

The other thing that gets overlooked is just how many chemicals and toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis and our skin is an easy way for these to get in so we want to limit that, which is why they have opted for products rich in natural and organic ingredients.

How has social distancing been for you and how are you keeping up your regular routines while staying at home?

Since production has been paused on Neighbours, I’ve had about a month off so far and have really been trying to continue to push forward with life whilst enjoying a little slower pace. I’ve been cooking a lot more and trying more recipes from old cookbooks, especially my own 721 plan!

Anna and I have been doing a lot of walking and heaps of workouts in the park with my TRM rings. I’ve been continuing to work on my acting craft with online tutorials and Skype sessions.

Masterclass has been great for that and I’ve also been doing accent work and learning Spanish. My piano has gotten a good dust off and I’ve also been doing lots of acting ‘research’ on Netflix, if that’s what we can call it!

Anything else exciting in the works for this year?

Well, Neighbours will begin production again shortly which is exciting. I’ll also be working closely with Handsome Skincare in a design capacity on a new natural deodorant stick, hand sanitiser, sanitising hand cream and a few other goodies. 

For more information and to download hi-res images of Tim's favourite Handsome products, click here.