Prada debuts skincare and cosmetics range

Prada has officially entered the beauty chat. The Italian fashion house officially launched their skincare and cosmetics range on August 1. The new range draws inspiration from Prada’s heritage and embraces cutting-edge technology to create new innovative products.

Whilst Prada already gained success in the fragrance sector with ‘Prada Paradoxe’ launching in 2022, the expansion is a win for Prada fans and beauty lovers alike.The beauty line boasts stunning, practical design, with triangular eyeshadows, lipstick bullets, and luxurious pots of cream, all housed in a futuristic, reflective silver packaging.

In a joint statement to WWD, designers and co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons shared their vision of beauty stating they are "abandoning all the clichés of the past, [as] we believe that beauty today is the representation of one’s personality, freedom and self-confidence." 

To ensure consistency between their beauty and fashion categories, the new Prada beauty team, led by makeup artist Lynsey Alexander and 3D artist Inès Marzat, had exclusive access to Prada's extensive vault of 27,000 fabrics and prints, providing ample inspiration. Alexander shared her enthusiasm, revealing that she turned her home “into a virtual Prada catalogue” immersing herself in Saffiano leather textures, nylon swatches, and archive prints.

Prada had previously dabbled in skincare, launching a range in 2000 that was later discontinued. This time, they have formulated the skincare products using rare plant extracts and integrated Smart Technology to protect the skin from environmental aggressors effectively.

The Prada Beauty range promises to strike the perfect balance between creativity and wearability. With elegant formulas and refined textures, Prada aims to captivate beauty enthusiasts seeking sophistication and style in their makeup and skincare products.