bdTrial: The age of the metrosexual

The men in our life trial a range of new men’s grooming products to hit shelves.

Paula’s Choice PC4MEN Shave
Jon is the ultimate boyfriend for someone working in the beauty biz. He gets really excited when products come his way, and is happy to trial anything. What a good boy! Not surprisingly, he was thrilled when I asked if he could try Paula's Choice range for men - PC4MEN. A firm favourite was the Shave, a lightweight shaving cream that protects skin and nixes irritation. Jon has a beard, but he uses the cream when he's shaving his neck and cleaning up his beard. The packaging has also been designed to appeal to men,  with a sleek colour palette of dark navy, grey, green and white. With Paula's Choice already hugely successful among women, if Jon's anything to go by, it’s sure to resonate just as strongly with the male species. - Yelena’s boyfriend, Jon

Related Brands: 

Lynx Deodorant
Charlie’s review: I link with Lynx. I think Lynx Black is a big step up from the usual Lynx products because of the unique scent it has to offer. I like it because it is modern and smells fresh and clean, and the packaging gives it a stylish feel. I think Lynx Black is a great new fragrance and I highly recommend it to you. - Janet's 14-year-old son, Charlie

Sanctum Hy C Intensive Repair Cream
Don’t let the chirpy photo fool you: my Dad is one angry man. An angry man that refuses to buy into anything ‘girly’. Bar deodorant, toothpaste and soap, the only product he will use is cologne. Until now. I am rejoicing in my success about convincing him to add another product to his routine, as it was harder than getting him to switch to a light beer (actually that was a failure, so scratch that). He loves this light moisturiser from Sanctum because it soothes his skin, which has been outdoors and exposed to all sorts of environmental aggressors for most of his life. He’s only been using it for a few weeks, but when I saw him on the weekend, I noticed his skin looked a LOT smoother. Now, back to the light beer task. - Kelly’s dad, Angry Phil

HANDSOME Facial Wash
Luke’s review: This brand hooked me in with its name and fact that my fiancée loved the packaging - it’s definitely one she'll let me leave on the bathroom counter! HANDSOME facial wash is subtly scented. It smells natural enough so you feel like you are doing something good for your face, but it’s not like grass (which is what I find a lot of natural and organic products smell like). It foamed well, which is essential when you have a beard to get amongst, and left my skin feeling clean. A definite winner. - Nat’s fiancé, Luke

Shay & Blue Sicilian Lime
My brother and I are typical siblings in that we argue constantly. Our fights largely focus on who gets control of the TV remote, but can extend to the ‘golden child’ debate and wardrobe choices. Considering our track record, I am happy to say the one thing we don’t argue about is his choice of cologne. The boy does good when it comes to scent - his latest favourite being the unisex Shay & Blue’s Sicilian Limes. The crisp, citrus fragrance smells just like an Italian orchard, with an underlying blend of sea salt, limes, rosemary, cedarwood and moss. Fresh, masculine and sister-approved - now that’s a winning combination. - Sarah’s brother, Chris

Marty’s review: I recently tried the CEDRAT men’s grooming range from L’Occitane. My overall impression was really positive and I was particularly happy with the fact that all the skincare bases were covered. I don’t like to admit I’m fussy about skincare, but I am, and this range was up to the mark. The products have a nicely blended citrus and cedar fragrance which is distinct, but not overpowering. As far as a standout product in the range, the EDT is excellent and I use it every day. I’ve generally favoured heavier, woody fragrances, but I really like the lighter, citrus scent of CEDRAT. - Lesley’s husband, Marty