Beauty 101: Face oils

This week’s Beauty 101 is keeping skin healthy and fresh, by replenishing skin's natural oil content.

With ingredients like squalane, turmeric and jojoba, these 10 products will feed the skin with the nutrients it needs to restore itself to health. 

Indeed Labs Squalane Facial Oil

This Indeed Labs oil is formulated with the stabilised form of squalane, an oil that is naturally present in the skin, helping to increase cell turnover, improve moisture balance and restore suppleness and elasticity. Sourced from sugarcane, this powerhouse ingredient has many key benefits, including helping to slow down water loss, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and leaving skin soft and glowing.

Samson & Charlie The Gift Balancing Facial Oil

Samson & Charlie The Gift Balancing Facial Oil is an ultra-lightweight facial oil that is suited to sensitive, breakout-prone, oily skin types. It helps calm the skin, reduces redness and dryness, and balances oil production. It has a grounding organic formulation of precious oils to restore balance, regulate sebum levels and clear and control breakouts. 

Ipsum Best Skin Nourishing Face Oil

This unique and clean formulation combines the protective antioxidant, moisturising and skin recovery qualities of botanical oils including, meadowfoam seed, raspberry seed, jojoba and carrot tissue. It also contains Australian grown and harvested oils including, macadamia nut oil to deeply moisturise and soften skin and sandalwood to soothe and heal. 

The Organic Skin Co. The Good Oil

This face oil contains a combination of four specialised extracts including turmeric, calendula, rosemary and honeysuckle, and four pure organic oils including jojoba, sunflower, almond and apricot, leaving skin soft, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Face Oil

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Face Oil is a treatment oil designed to smooth fine lines, restore luminosity and deeply moisturise. With a potent proprietary blend of extracts, it helps protect against environmental aggressors and aids in skin wellness.

Raww Recover-ME Face Oil

This lightweight formula, for dull, tired skin, absorbs easily to enrich the skin with the moisturising power of coconut oil, avocado oil and coconut water. 

Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil

Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil has a lightweight formula that absorbs easily to soften and condition skin. Formulated with vitamin E, sesame, sweet almond, olive and jojoba oils, it provides a concentrated boost of intensive moisture to comfort very dry skin. 

Glow Lab Facial Oil

Glow Lab Facial Oil is an enriching facial oil for every skin type that fortifies and protects skin over time. Beracare BBA™, pracaxi oil complex, increases hyaluronic acid levels in the skin to firm and hydrate. A blend of vitamin E, jojoba, marula and avocado oil delivers the essential fatty acids skin loves to brighten and even.

LUSH Naked Argan Facial Oil

Part of the LUSH naked skincare collection, this face oil contains argan oil to richly moisturise and rejuvenate skin, lemon oil to brighten, and prickly pear oil, extremely high in vitamin E, to help even skin tone while soothing and hydrating. 

Essano Superfoods Turmeric Illuminating Facial Oil

Essano Superfoods Turmeric Illuminating Facial Oil is a luxurious oil with potent turmeric to balance skin, reduce inflammation and slow the signs of ageing. Crambe abyssinica seed oil promotes skin suppleness and softness, rosemary improves circulation and blackcurrant restores the natural glow.

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