Bondi Sands ventures into the skincare world

Bondi Sands is excited to announce it has ventured into the skincare world with the launch of its new ‘Everyday Skincare’ collection.

Housed in environmentally conscious packaging, Everyday Skincare consists of twelve innovative products that have been developed with trusted skin experts to provide real skin results.

The range is packed with high-level active ingredients that are blended with natural Australian botanicals that can be tailored to your specific skin needs, resulting in a simple yet effective regime: Cleanse, Hydrate, Treat, Mask and Protect.

“Everyday skin isn’t perfect, pore-less, photoshopped or filtered,” Bondi Sands said in a press release. “It’s bumpy, inconsistent, textured, and unique; simply put, everyday skin looks and feels different to everyone. Skincare should be simple, effective and created for real skin, where products are suited to you and your skin’s needs.”

According to CEO and co-founder, Blair James, Everyday Skincare is a natural progression for the brand; first evolving from self tan to suncare, through to body and now skincare.

“In reality, we always were a skincare first brand, and launching into skincare completes our skin health story,” he said. “Bondi Sands was created to be Australian made, of premium quality, affordable and accessible. Everyday Skincare is no different. Offering high level active ingredients that are blended with iconic Australian botanicals, Everyday Skincare is tested by skincare experts and proven by clinical trials, packaged in environmentally conscious packaging and available for under $25.”

The new range is expected to be a disruptive player in the skincare category, as Bondi Sands reinvents itself for the future as an all-encompassing skin health brand.

To find out more about the products and to download hi-res imagery, click here.