Helen Mirren just turned the Eiffel Tower into her personal beauty runway

Step aside models; it’s time for the silver screen starlets’ turn to stomp the runway. While we may not be seeing our favourite actresses take over every runway, the 6th annual "Le Défilé L'Oréal Paris - Walk Your Worth" event was a special exception. Showcasing the stunning looks of some of our favourite stars, such as Andie MacDowell, Viola Davis and of course the ever graceful Helen Mirren, the show was the first ever to be held directly under the Eiffel Tower. 


Because you’re worth it 

The focus on female empowerment is strong amongst the L’Oreal Paris brand. With the iconic ‘Because you’re worth it’ catchphrase translated into over 40 languages, it unites us as women, and allows us to embrace ourselves truly as is. 


Aligning with these passionate stars ensures that ‘anti-aging’ is never the goal, putting ageing gracefully front and centre in the conversation around beauty. And as Andie MacDowell so poetically put it, “confidence has no expiration date”. So go out, try that new makeup look and be bold.


PS. What we would give to have taken a peek backstage to see what products they were using!

Main image credit: Getty