7-Eleven enters the world of beauty

In a wild turn of events in the beauty world, 7-Eleven has released its first beauty product. Introducing, the 7-Eleven Coffee Body Scrub. 

The limited-edition scrub, which will be sold exclusively via online retailer, Adore Beauty from March 22, is made from the same aromatic Arabica and Robusta beans found in the millions of cups of freshly ground coffee sold each year at 7-Eleven. 

In another surprising twist, the scrub is retailing for just $1 – the same price a cup of 7-Eleven coffee costs you in store.

"We’re thrilled to be launching 2022’s most unexpected arrival in beauty, the 7-Eleven Coffee Body Scrub," said 7-Eleven head of marketing communications, Adam Jacka. "We take great pride in sourcing great quality beans from across the world to provide great coffee to customers every day."

"We wanted to showcase the quality of our coffee beans in new ways. More than 71 million cups are already enjoyed across Australia each year but we know some are still yet to try our iconic coffee. Seriously, our coffee beans are so good we’ve made a coffee scrub out of them," he said.

The launch also has a familiar face fronting the campaign – Australian actor, Olympia Valance.

"Coffee and skincare products are two things I can't live without, so being the face of 7-Eleven’s Coffee Body Scrub was a no brainer," said Valance. "Now I can exfoliate, rejuvenate and caffeinate with the same great coffee Australians have been enjoying for years."

You can find the 7-Eleven Coffee Body Scrub via Adore Beauty, here.