Aussie makeup brand launches virtual try-on feature

Nude by Nature was founded on the belief of doing what’s good for you, both on the inside and out.

Formulated with natural ingredients and without nasty synthetics and preservatives, the brand is more than cosmetic – it’s actually good for you.

And now, Nude by Nature has launched a new no-touch product testing tool using a Virtual Try On (VTO) solution, enabling customers to experience natural beauty like never before. The introduction of the VTO tool provides a safe, hygienic and enjoyable shopping experience, without the aid of physical testers.

Customers can try on products virtually from the safety of their homes, or in store from October by simply scanning the QR code that will be visible on Nude by Nature POS, directing them to the VTO solution.

"With the accelerated shift towards online and contactless shopping, we saw a great opportunity to innovate, launching a series of digital initiatives including our Virtual Try On (VTO) tool," Nude by Nature director of marketing and NPD, Kristina Kunkel, said. "While our traditional product innovation was put on hold for a few months, we’re pleased we could innovate in a different capacity, and give our customers a new way of engaging with the products and brand.”

Discover products, looks and shades that are naturally yours via the new Nude by Nature Virtual Try On page. To view the range of Nude by Nature products and to download hi-res images, click here.