Expert reveals the best ways to reverse hand ageing

Our hands are the part of our body that we use every day yet tend to neglect, often leaving them out of our regular skincare routine. By keeping our hands regularly moisturised it ensures that they remain smooth and protected, leaving you feeling good in your own skin, while reducing the appearance of ageing.

As experts in moisture care, well-trusted skincare brand, NIVEA, has recently re-launched its hand care range, offering Aussies two reliable hand creams – the NIVEA 3-in1 Anti-Age Hand Cream and the NIVEA Smooth Hands and Nail Cream – which are developed to keep hands nourished and hydrated for 24 hours. 

“As we age, we tend to lose elasticity and moisture in our hands which are usually the first signs of mature-age skin,” NIVEA Skincare Expert, Aoife Hogan, told BD. “Your skin can no longer store moisture as easily and dryness can cause tightness and even irritation. 

The best way to keep on top of your hand care routine is to ensure you continuously moisturise and protect your hands any way you can. By doing this you can achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance in your hands.”

Hogan also recommends reducing the effects of ageing with the right lifestyle and anti-ageing skincare, such as looking for products that contain Coenzyme Q10 (like the above NIVEA products), developing an effective skin routine (and sticking to it), and not waiting for signs of ageing to appear before beginning a routine.

Other products to help reverse the hands of time

Blessed by Nature Antibacterial Hand Cream with Lemon Myrtle is perfect to use after a hand sanitiser to rehydrate the skin in a non-greasy, moisturising, vegan formula. Fragranced with natural Lemon Myrtle Oil for a clean and refreshing aroma.

JERGENS Ultra Healing Hand & Body Cream is a hand and body cream with a non-greasy formula. It contains multi-vitamins and plant proteins, which are known for increasing the skin’s natural ability to hold moisture.

Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Mask is a hand mask ideal for those looking for a quick moisture boost to soothe their dry and irritated hands. The prebiotic oat and shea butter formula housed within the Skin Relief Hand Mask has soothing and nourishing properties, which leave hands visibly soft, smooth and healthy looking.

LYCOTANE PLUS Intensive Repair Hand Balm deeply and rapidly conditions with hyaluronic acid and pro-vitamin B5 while it soothes, protects and provides barrier repair with the natural complex of sunflower ceramides, bisabolo and allantoin.

HANDSOME Antibacterial Hand Cream is perfect to use after a hand sanitiser to rehydrate the skin in a non-greasy, moisturising, vegan formula. Fragranced with cedarwood, orange peel and cypress oils for a sophisticated and refreshing aroma.

The Body Shop Hemp Hard-Working Hand Scrub provides gentle exfoliation and a big hug of hydration. The Hemp Hard-Working Hand Scrub includes coconut and almond shells to gently buff away dirt and dry skin to leave your hands feeling super soft and supple.

Natio I Love Orange Hand Cream is a juicy, joyful hand cream sweetened with the happy aroma of sun-ripened oranges. Bursting with delicious, nourishing botanicals and the blissful cheer of pure orange essential oil to indulge the skin and spirit.

Skinbox Lime Mint & Green Tea Hand Wash & Lime Tea & Honey Suckle Hand Lotion is a skincare pack that contains Skinbox’s Lime Mint & Green Tea Hand Wash (420mL) & Lime Tea & Honey Suckle Hand Lotion (420mL).

Andalou Lime Blossom Hand Cream is a hand cream containing organic coconut water, fair trade shea and cocoa butter for quick absorption, leaving hands nourished, protected, and ready to meet the day.

MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream - Peony Blossom is a hand cream that delivers a rich, hydrating formula to the hands. Hands are left feeling deliciously silky, smooth and moisturised.