Huda Kattan launches first skincare line

It seems Huda Kattan, super influencer and founder of cosmetics line Huda Beauty, is now entering the world of skincare with the launch of her third brand, Wishful.

And with just one product so far, Wishful is a far-cry from the ‘more-is-more’ mantra Huda Beauty has previously adopted across its makeup collection. The point of this third ultra-curated brand however is simplicity, with an aim to deliver gentle, effective skincare solutions for everyday concerns at reasonable price points.

“Although we represent this almost drag-like beauty at Huda Beauty, I’m not only this person who is made up and always likes to wear their hair flawless and their makeup flawless.…I am also this very simple [person] – I like to be cute sometimes, and to be simple, and to be in my essence and who I am – that’s kind of what Wishful represents,” Kattan said in an interview.

Called Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, Wishful’s first product contains papaya enzyme, pineapple enzyme, beta hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy acids to help provide glowing, even-toned skin. As for future launches, Kattan said the first products will centre around the face, and may even expand into body care. However, the brand will not have “products for every single issue," and it won’t be “going after” acne, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. Instead, it will be concentrating on delivering soft, smooth skin and diminished pores.

Although Kattan has gained a strong following in the Middle East for her affinity with skin, she said she did not feel comfortable launching skincare from Huda Beauty, as she herself would never buy skincare from a makeup brand, admitting that “it feels like the opposite of makeup.”

Wishful will be sold in approximately 2,000 of Huda Beauty’s existing retail partners to begin with, including Sephora, Selfridges, Harrods, Cult Beauty and Boots. Due to the planned narrow product range, Kattan also believes the brand could potentially expand to retailers where Huda Beauty isn’t sold.