Nov 28: Beauty reads from across the web

In our endeavour to uncover breaking beauty news, we come across a lot of content that we might not get around to reporting on but we still think is worth sharing. Here are five industry articles we've been loving from across the web over the past week.

Vox - In the age of online shopping, where do IRL salespeople fit in? 
The idea that there are two distinct types of real-world retail customers — those who do and those who emphatically do not want to interact with salespeople — seems to be heightened by the age of online shopping.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Behind the anonymous Instagram account airing the beauty industry’s dirty laundry
Whilst there is no doubt the power the social media account has had on the industry, not everyone is sold on the legitimacy of Estée Laundry's claims.

Dazed Beauty - Pantene wants to help trans people feel safe at the hair salon
The brand has teamed up with The Dresscode Project on a new campaign.

Fashionista - These woman are working to modernize the wig and hair extensions industry
As Black women, many of them were inspired to create their own businesses after years of personal frustration with the category.

The New York Times - They See You When You’re Shopping
How Sephora, Gucci, Kiehl’s and more track about 20 million online shoppers every day. (Spoiler: with cartoons.)